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Cycas revoluta

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An ancient palm-like plant which dates back to the dinosaur era. Makes an eye-catching specimen plant for a tub indoors, eventually forming a thick trunk and growing to around 2m but can be kept more compact by keeping in a moderate sized pot. Position away from hot sun in bright but indirect light. Don't over water in winter. When potting on mix some grit or Pearlite in to provide good drainage. 


Common Name: Cycad
Plant Family:
Plant Type: Half-Hardy Shrub
9 cm
RHS Award of Garden Merit
Season of Interest
All year round
Sun or Shade
Sun to Part Shade
low (up to 3 feet)
Minimum temperature
Frost tender (plus 1 to 5 deg. C.)
Suggested Use
Leaf Colour
Cycas revoluta

Important: Please read carefully and keep for future reference


History: The Sago Palm is a member of a group of plants called Cycads. They are ancient plants that date back to the time of the Dinosaurs and have remained virtually unchanged. They pre-date modern flowering plants which only evolved alongside mammals and insects after the extinction of the Dinosaurs. It is not actually a palm and is more closely related to conifers but the common name is taken from its palm-like appearance.

Position: Can be grown in sun but actually tolerates shade very well so can be grown in the corner of a room. Also ideal for a north facing Conservatory. They can tolerate temperatures down to -10°C up to about 40°C but some scorching may occur at very high temperatures.

Watering: Water sparingly, particularly in winter as they do not like sitting in very wet compost. Before watering test the moisture level of the compost with your finger. Water only when the surface of the compost is dry. If the plant is standing inside a container/ saucer without drainage holes ensure that there is no standing water in the bottom. It is a good idea to put some pebbles or grit in the bottom.

Feeding: In general Sago Palms don’t need much feeding. If you are not potting it on then, in the spring, apply a top dressing of fresh compost and some slow release fertiliser granules.

Potting on: It is important not to over pot these plants as they are very slow growing and do not like a lot of compost around the roots. You may find you only need to pot on every few years as these plants are so slow growing they may only produce one set of new leaves every 1-2 years. In spring turn plants out of the pot to check the root system. If it is becoming pot bound then it can be potted on to the next size (no more than 2 inches wider in diameter) . Do this between May and August when the plant is in active growth and not in winter when the growth rate will have slowed down.

Compost: These plants require a well-drained compost. Ideally a mixture of equal parts loam (John Innes), garden compost (or a peat free multi-purpose) and horticultural grit. If available charcoal can be mixed in but this is not essential.  This creates a mix with a nice open structure with good drainage.

Pot Sizes

Unless otherwise indicated our plants are supplied in the following pot sizes according to category. Dimensions refer to either the pot diameter (cm) or volume (litre);

  • Exotics/Conservatory & House Plants, Succulents: mostly as young plants in 9cm (approx. 0.5 litre)  or 1 litre pots
  • Hardy Perennials, Ferns and Grasses: 1 litre (approx. 12cm diameter)
  • Hardy Shrubs and Climbers: 1.5 or 2 litre 

The exact size of plants will vary with the growing season and may be cut back in accordance with normal pruning regimes or to fit in the box if they are excessively tall.

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