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Hardy Perennials

Hardy perennials are the mainstay of the herbaceous border, giving colour through the year for very little effort and attracting bees, butterflies and other invertebrates into the garden.

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Francoa sonchifolia 'Rogerson's Form'

Francoa sonchifolia 'Rogerson's Form'£6.00

Wedding Flower, Bridal Wreath

Evergreen perennial with tall spikes of dark-veined pale pink flowers in summer. Often used in bouquets. A good bee plant.

Galatella sedifolia (Aster sedifolius)

Galatella sedifolia (Aster sedifolius)£5.00

Flowering from August to October, this has masses of pale mauve flowers on tall stems. For sun and well-drained soil, lovely with grasses and Crocosmias.

Geranium   'Rozanne'

Geranium 'Rozanne'£5.00

A hybrid between G. wallichianum 'Buxton's Variety' & G. himalayense. Intense blue flowers appear over a long period on a sprawling plant.

Geranium   'Sirak'

Geranium 'Sirak'£5.00

Crane's Bill

An excellent hardy geranium with mounds of lush green foliage topped by large mauve-pink flowers with darker veining from May to July.

Geranium  'Brookside'

Geranium 'Brookside'£5.00

A superb violet-blue flowered cultivar forming spreading clumps of attractively cut leaves. Very good for smothering weeds.

Geranium  'Nimbus'

Geranium 'Nimbus'£5.00

Crane's Bill

Long flowering perennial which makes a lovely neat clump of deeply cut leaves and violet-purple flowers from early to mid summer. Great for filling gaps in a border

Geranium 'Alan Mayes'

Geranium 'Alan Mayes'£6.00


Similar to G. magnificum but longer flowering. This is a great plant for filling out a border or softening the edge with its thick, downy foliage. Purple-blue flowers May-July. Fairly drought tolerant once established.

Geranium maculatum 'Espresso'

Geranium maculatum 'Espresso'£5.00

A purple leaved slowly spreading Geranium with divided brown leaves and dusky-pink flowers, fading to white giving a multi-toned effect.

Geranium magnificum

Geranium magnificum£5.00

Crane's Bill

Large, clump-forming hybrid with soft, hairy green leaves which turn red in autumn.

Geranium oxonianum 'Rosenlicht'

Geranium oxonianum 'Rosenlicht'£5.00

A long flowering (June to August) cultivar with pink fading to pale pink flowers over mounds of foliage which makes good ground cover. For normal soil, sun to part-shade.


Geranium renardii 'Tcschelda'£5.00

Crane's Bill

Very good for poor soils, this cultivar has velvety-soft, green leaves and large mauve-purple flowers with deep purple veining from June to July.

Geranium sanguineum 'Glenluce'

Geranium sanguineum 'Glenluce'£5.00

Bloody Crane's Bill

Compact perennial forming a neat mound of clear pink flowers over small, deeply cut, leaves from May to June. A good filler for the front of the border.

Geranium wallichianum 'Buxtons Variety'

Geranium wallichianum 'Buxtons Variety'£5.50

Crane's Bill

Syn. Buxton's Blue. Perennial with sky blue flowers with a white centre from June to September.

Geranium wlassovianum

Geranium wlassovianum£5.00


A very long-flowering species (June to September), with masses of purple-pink flowers over tidy mounds of foliage. A good choice for underplanting in shade, will tolerate dry shade when established

Geum  'Princes Juliana'

Geum 'Princes Juliana'£5.00


Perennial with long stems bearing semi-double, Rose-like, orange-yellow flowers with a red tinge from early-mid summer.


Geum coccineum 'Koi'£5.00


Dwarf Geum with single, orange-red flowers from early to mid summer. Ideal for the front of a sunny border, pots or a rockery

Gladiolus papilio 'Ruby'

Gladiolus papilio 'Ruby'£6.00

A cultivar of this hardy species with large beautiful flowers from June to August. Fully hardy in well-drained soil in sun, or in pots of gritty loamy compost.

Helenium  'Wyndley'

Helenium 'Wyndley'£6.00

Helen's Flower, Sneezeweed

Yellow daisies with an orange tinge and orange-brown centres from July to September. Attracts bees and butterflies.

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Page 4 of 10:    173 Items