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Hardy Perennials

Hardy perennials are the mainstay of the herbaceous border, giving colour through the year for very little effort and attracting bees, butterflies and other invertebrates into the garden.

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Helianthus  'Loddon Gold'

Helianthus 'Loddon Gold'£6.00


A late, tall perennial Sunflower with fully double yellow daisies from August to October.

Helleborus hybridus - red

Helleborus hybridus - red£5.00


Early flowering perennial with large deep red flowers from January to April. Ideal for a woodland garden.

Helleborus niger

Helleborus niger£7.00

The Christmas Rose is indispensable for the winter garden, with its white to pale pink flowers held above dark green leaves. For part-shade in not too dry soil.

Hemerocallis  'Black Prince'

Hemerocallis 'Black Prince'£6.00


Large, rich deep maroon-red Lily-like flowers from June to July.

Hemerocallis  'Cartwheels'

Hemerocallis 'Cartwheels'£6.00


Perennial with large, rich yellow-orange Lily flowers from June to July.

Hemerocallis  'Eenie Weenie'

Hemerocallis 'Eenie Weenie'£6.00


Perennial with small, light yellow, green-throated, lily-like flowers with ruffled petals from June-July.


Hemerocallis  'Joan Senior'

Hemerocallis 'Joan Senior'£6.00


A lovely cultivar with large slightly crinkled, near-white, lily-like flowers in July. Copes well with heavy clay and chalky soil.

Hemerocallis  'Mrs Hugh Johnson'

Hemerocallis 'Mrs Hugh Johnson'£6.00


Not often offered for sale, this deciduous early to mid-season cultivar has rich mahogany red flowers consisting of fairly narrow petals with a satiny sheen.

Hemerocallis  'Stafford'

Hemerocallis 'Stafford'£5.00


A vigorous plant with deep scarlet, lily-like flowers on long stems from June to August.

Hemerocallis  'Stella De Oro'

Hemerocallis 'Stella De Oro'£6.00


A popular perennial with narrow leaves and scented, clear yellow, lily-like flowers in early summer.

Hemerocallis 'Little Wine Cup'

Hemerocallis 'Little Wine Cup'£6.00


An early and repeat flowering modern cultivar with small wine red yellow-throated flowers, mainly June to July. Compact, so good for small gardens, or towards the front of a border.

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus

Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus£6.00


Perennial with night scented, bright yellow Lily-like flowers from June to July.

Hesperantha (Schizostylis) coccinea

Hesperantha (Schizostylis) coccinea£5.00

Kaffir Lily

Used to be called Schizostylis. The straight species with masses of scarlet-red, star shaped flowers which appear from from autumn to early winter. Pictured here is 'Major', the flowers are probably smaller, but no less attractive.For reliably moist soil in full sun.

Hesperantha coccinea 'Sunrise'

Hesperantha coccinea 'Sunrise'£6.00

Kaffir Lily

Large salmon-pink, star-shaped flowers to 6cm (2.5in) across from autumn to winter. For moist soil in full sun.

Heuchera 'Helen Dillon'

Heuchera 'Helen Dillon'£5.00

A strong-growing cultivar with green leaves speckled and splashed with cream. Long-stalked sprays of small, red bell-shaped flowers appear in May to July. For damp, preferably neutral soil in sun/part shade. Tolerates deep shade if soil is reliably moist.

Hosta  'Fire and Ice'

Hosta 'Fire and Ice'£5.00

Plantain Lily

A stunning medium Hosta with large leaves with a brilliant white centre and a dark green margin.

Hosta  'Patriot'

Hosta 'Patriot'£7.00

Plantain Lily

An excellent medium sized Hosta with dark green leaves with a wide pure white margin. One of the best green and white cultivars around.

Inula magnifica

Inula magnifica£5.00

Very tall perennial for moist to boggy soil with huge, fine-rayed yellow daisies, to 15cm (6inches) across, from July to September. Sun to part shade. Attracts bees and butterflies.

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Page 5 of 10:    173 Items