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Vegetable & Herb Seeds

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Cauliflower Igloo - Seeds

Cauliflower Igloo - Seeds£1.65

70 seeds approx

An early variety with clean, white heads. Specially bred for close planting to produce mini-cauliflowers or at wider spacing for larger heads.

Celeriac Prinz - Seeds

Celeriac Prinz - Seeds£1.75

35 seeds approx

An excellent bolt resistance variety. Good for early production, under protection or outside. Light skinned. Ideal for fresh salads.

Celery Leaf - Seeds

Celery Leaf - Seeds£1.75

300 seeds approx

Producing lots of leaf instead of stems. Ideal for flavouring or adding to herbal salad mixtures. This is an underused herb but is very tough tolerating very cold conditions well. Good for filling the gap at times of the year where fresh leafy herbs like Parsley are not growing

Chard - Rainbow Seeds

Chard - Rainbow Seeds£1.75

125 seeds approx

Colourful vegetable related to Beetroot with multicoloured stems which can be blanched, sauteed or stir-fried. Don't over cook or they will loose their colour and flavour. Excellent with Goats Cheese or Crème Fraiche.

Chives - Seeds

Chives - Seeds£1.50

300 seeds approx

A very popular and versatile perennial herb with mild, onion-tasting leaves which are great for garnishing or flavouring dishes. Rounded umbels of purple flowers appear in summer which are very attractive too. They can also be added to salads either whole or pick the petals and sprinkle over the top. Grow in free draining soil in full sun. Good for a pot.

Chives Garlic - Seeds

Chives Garlic - Seeds£1.50

120 seeds approx

A lovely twist on the normal Chives this has a mild garlic and onion flavour. Can be used just as you would normal chives. Dainty white flowers appear in summer. Grow in free draining soil in full sun. Good for a pot.

Climbing Bean Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco - Seeds

Climbing Bean Borlotto Lingua Di Fuoco - Seeds£1.95

50 seeds approx

Spectacular green pods with decorative red stripes with an excellent flavour. A good source of fibre, vitamins A, K and folic acid. Can be harvested like a flageolet type and cooked or be left to ripen and stored as an attractive winter dry bean.

Climbing French Bean Cobra - Seeds

Climbing French Bean Cobra - Seeds£2.10

50 seeds approx

A superb variety producing very tasty, long stringless pods over a long period. Can be grown in a greenhouse for early and late production. A firm favourite with gardeners, they freeze well too. 

Climbing French Bean Cosse Violette Seeds

Climbing French Bean Cosse Violette Seeds£1.95

70 seeds approx

An attractive purple-podded French bean with a great flavour and long cropping period. Lavender flowers add to the attraction. Pods turn green when cooked.

Coriander Leisure Leafy - Seeds

Coriander Leisure Leafy - Seeds£1.50

125 seeds approx

Annual herb used for it's leaves or seed. This variety has larger leaves than the normal type. Quick growing. Use in curries, salads, soups & Thai dishes.

Courgette Ambassador - Seeds

Courgette Ambassador - Seeds£2.00

15 seeds approx

Outdoor variety with smooth green fruit from mid summer onwards.

Courgette Atena Polka F1 - Seeds

Courgette Atena Polka F1 - Seeds£2.20

15 seeds approx

Yellow skinned variety with a compact growth habit. Good for smaller spaces. Adds a splash of colour to vegetable dishes

Courgette Nero Di Milano - Seeds

Courgette Nero Di Milano - Seeds£1.65

15 seeds approx

An Italian variety with very dark green fruits. Open habit makes it easier to see and harvest.

Cress - Greek - Seeds

Cress - Greek - Seeds£1.65

1000 seeds approx

An incredibly easy and fast growing salad crop. The flavour is more pungent than ordinary Cress. 

Cucumber Beit Alpha F1 - Seeds

Cucumber Beit Alpha F1 - Seeds£1.50

15 seeds approx

Superb bitter free flavour with small seed cavity. Pick at about 15cm for salad or pickling. Extra dark green fruit and suitable for either outdoor or polytunnel production.

Cucumber Mini Munch Seeds

Cucumber Mini Munch Seeds£3.50

4 seeds approx

Mini all female cucumber for indoor production with snack-sized cylindrical fruits. Ideal for pots/growbags.

Dill Dukat - Seeds

Dill Dukat - Seeds£1.95

500 seeds approx

Hardy annual herb with blue-green leaves with a high oil content. Strong sweet flavour. Particularly good with fish but also in soups, sauces and stews. Plant in full sun and water frequently in summer to prevent from going to seed.

Dwarf French Bean Safari Seeds

Dwarf French Bean Safari Seeds£2.45

125 seeds approx

Dwarf, stringless Bean with long slender pods that only need a few minutes steaming to cook.

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Page 2 of 6:    94 Items