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Vegetable & Herb Seeds

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Runner bean Firestorm - Seeds

Runner bean Firestorm - Seeds£2.35

40 seeds approx

A self-fertile, heavy cropping variety with red flowers. Has the stringless qualities of a French bean with the flavour of a runner bean.

Runner Bean White Lady - Seeds

Runner Bean White Lady - Seeds£2.10

45 seeds approx

A self-fertile, heavy cropping variety with white flowers. Has the stringless qualities of a French bean with the flavour of a runner bean.

Sage - Seeds

Sage - Seeds£1.50

30 seeds approx

A very useful herb with strong aromatic leaves. Great for stuffings, with roast potatoes and Pork dishes. It also has antiseptic properties. Mauve flowers attract bees in summer. Grow in a sunny, well drained spot. Height 60cm

Savory Winter - Seeds

Savory Winter - Seeds£1.50

500 seeds approx

Evergreen, perennial herb, particularly useful in winter when many other herbs are dormant. Quite strong flavour, can be used in dishes instead of thyme/oregano. Does well in a pot

Shallot Zebrune Seeds

Shallot Zebrune Seeds£2.10

150 seeds approx

Heritage variety producing elongated bulbs with white flesh. Has a mild sweet flavour and is perfect for any recipe where shallots are called for.

Sorrel Green de Belleville Seeds

Sorrel Green de Belleville Seeds£1.60

350 seeds approx

A perennial herb with a sharp lemony flavour. Add sparingly to salads, or use to make Sorrel Soup. The young leaves have the best flavour.

Sorrel Red Veined Seeds

Sorrel Red Veined Seeds£1.60

200 seeds approx

Member of the Dock/ Sorrel family with green leaves, heavily veined with red. Makes an attractive addition to the herb/ vegetable garden or simply as an ornamental plant. The young leaves can be eated raw in salads

Spinach Trombone F1 - Seeds

Spinach Trombone F1 - Seeds£1.35

200 seeds approx

A good bolt resistant variety with smooth dark green leaves. Can be sown most months of the year for a long cropping season

Squash Crown Prince F1 - Seeds

Squash Crown Prince F1 - Seeds£2.30

6 seeds approx

A superb variety for making soup. Rounded fruits with grey-green skin and bright orange flesh with an excellent flavour. Stores well

Sweet Corn Earliking F1 - Seeds

Sweet Corn Earliking F1 - Seeds£1.90

50 seeds approx

Reliable early cropper producing good sized sweet cobs. This variety is sturdier than most so well suited to more exposed sites than other corn 

Thyme - Seeds

Thyme - Seeds£1.50

500 seeds approx

Indispensible herb for many savoury dishes. As a low growing evergreen shrub it is also useful for edging borders. Grow in well-drained soil in full sun, or grow in pots.

Tomato Beefmaster F1 Seeds

Tomato Beefmaster F1 Seeds£2.60

30 seeds approx

Perfect for slicing. Large, smooth beefsteak type with a good depth of flavour. Each tomato weighs up to 1lb (500g). Cordon type for greenhouse or outdoors.

Tomato Black Russian Seeds

Tomato Black Russian Seeds£1.80

30 seeds approx

Large deep red fruits with a rich flavour. ideal for slicing. Quick maturing heritage variety. (Cordon)

Tomato Gardeners Delight - Seeds

Tomato Gardeners Delight - Seeds£1.55

25 seeds approx

Probably Britain’s favourite outdoor variety producing heavy crops of sweet-tasting cherry tomatoes. A very reliable outdoor variety. Cordon. 

Tomato Marmande - Seeds

Tomato Marmande - Seeds£1.40

50 seeds approx

Beefsteak Tomato. Ideal for grilling or slicing (lovely with a homemade burger in a toasted bun!). Crops best under glass but should do well against a south facing wall. Cordon

Tomato San Marzano Seeds

Tomato San Marzano Seeds£1.40

75 seeds approx

Perfect for Italian dishes. Large plum tomato with a great depth of flavour and low water content making it perfect for sauces. /p>

Tomato Shirley F1 - Seeds

Tomato Shirley F1 - Seeds£3.05

15 seeds approx

An excellent variety for greenhouse production. Produces high yields of juicy standard sized fruits with an excellent flavour. Early cropping cordon.

Tomato Tigerella - Seeds

Tomato Tigerella - Seeds£1.50

75 seeds approx

A lovely variety with red fruits with attractive orange stripes.  Has a good old fashioned tomato flavour and produces very good yields. Grow outdoors against a sunny wall or under glass. Cordon (indeterminate).

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Page 5 of 6:    94 Items