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Vegetable & Herb Seeds

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Tomato Black Russian Seeds

Tomato Black Russian Seeds£1.80

30 seeds approx

Large deep red fruits with a rich flavour. ideal for slicing. Quick maturing heritage variety. (Cordon)

Tomato Marmande - Seeds

Tomato Marmande - Seeds£1.40

50 seeds approx

Beefsteak Tomato. Ideal for grilling or slicing (lovely with a homemade burger in a toasted bun!). Crops best under glass but should do well against a south facing wall. Cordon

Tomato San Marzano Seeds

Tomato San Marzano Seeds£1.40

75 seeds approx

Perfect for Italian dishes. Large plum tomato with a great depth of flavour and low water content making it perfect for sauces. /p>

Tomato Shirley F1 - Seeds

Tomato Shirley F1 - Seeds£3.05

15 seeds approx

An excellent variety for greenhouse production. Produces high yields of juicy standard sized fruits with an excellent flavour. Early cropping cordon.

Tomato Tigerella - Seeds

Tomato Tigerella - Seeds£1.50

75 seeds approx

A lovely variety with red fruits with attractive orange stripes.  Has a good old fashioned tomato flavour and produces very good yields. Grow outdoors against a sunny wall or under glass. Cordon (indeterminate).

Tomato Tumbler Seeds

Tomato Tumbler Seeds£2.55

12 seeds

Bush variety, often grown as a trailing plant with sweet, red  Cherry tomatoes. Suitable for a large hanging basket (14in or larger,) tubs, raised beds or can be grown in a grow bag, supported on canes. No pinching out needed

Turnip Temari Mixed F1 Seeds

Turnip Temari Mixed F1 Seeds£1.65

250 seeds approx

Mixed sweet, crispy Turnips which can be eaten raw when young or cooked when mature. Attractive purple or white roots.

Welsh Onion (Bunching Onion) - Seeds

Welsh Onion (Bunching Onion) - Seeds£1.60

250 seeds approx

Perennial herb with hollow leaves with a mild onion flavour. Alternative to Chives. Can be used year-round in salads, Miso Soup & stir-frys. 

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Page 5 of 5:    80 Items