Aeonium Care

These shrubby succulents will be familiar to those who visit the Canary Islands and other hot places. They produce large rosettes of fleshy leaves, some plants branching more than others. They need good light all year and to be kept on the dry side in winter. Mature plants sometimes produce huge pyramidal panicles of yellow flowers in summer, after which the rosette that produced them dies.
It is important to use the right compost for aeoniums and other succulents. Coming from dry areas they are used to drought conditions and so need a free draining compost. We recommend using specialist Cactus compost but you can make your own by mixing 2 parts Loam Based Compost (John Innes No. 2) with one part horticultural grit and one part sharp sand. Never use builders sand it will be too alkaline.
A heavy pot for stability is recommended as these plants become top-heavy. Eventually some plants may start to shed branches. These can be potted and made into new plants.
Keep at a minimum temperature of 2 C. unless otherwise indicated. Remember an unheated greenhouse can freeze in winter so is not a reliable place to overwinter tender plants.