Half Hardy and Summer Patio

Bring a taste of the exotic to your garden with half-hardy plants. If you can provide some winter protection it is amazing how many more interesting and plants you can grow, to the envy of your friends and family. You can grow these plants in pots and enjoy them in the garden between June and September when there is no risk of frost (UK). All they need is a greenhouse, porch or conservatory over winter kept above freezing.

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Abutilon 'Fool's Gold'

Abutilon 'Fool's Gold'£6.50

Flowering Maple

From Plant Delights in North Carolina, this makes a great long-flowering shrub for a warm wall. Rich gold bell-shaped flowers have distinctive recurved petals. Tolerates moderate frosts.


Abutilon 'Hinton Seedling'£6.50

Flowering Maple

A lovely cultivar, flowers with bright yellow petals which burst from an orange calyx. Like other Abutilons this is OK in mild gardens agains a warm wall.

Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross'

Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross'£7.00

An evergreen shrub with masses of small lantern-shaped pink flowers with intricate red markings. Good for frost free gardens in the UK.

Ageratum corymbosum

Ageratum corymbosum£6.50

Perennial Ageratum, Butterfly Mist

A rarely offered slightly tender perennial for a sunny border. Long flowering and good for bees!


Callistemon 'Perth Pink'£6.50


Evergreen shrub from Australia with bright pink bottlebrush flowers in spring and autumn. For a sheltered, frost free garden or a cool conservatory.


Callistemon citrinus 'White Anzac'£6.50


Evergreen shrub from Australia with white to creamy-white bottlebrush flowers in spring and autumn. For a sheltered, frost free garden or a cool conservatory.

Chlidanthus fragrans

Chlidanthus fragrans£7.50

A tender bulbous plant with very scented, yellow trumpet flowers from June to July. Hardy in mild gardens, in cold areas grow in pots.


Dodonaea viscosa 'Purpurea'£7.00

Evergreen shrub from New Zealand with very attractive red-purple foliage. For fertile, well drained soil in sun to part shade. Drought and pollution tolerant. Small flowers may be folowed by papery seed pods. Good for coastal and frost free gardens.


Furcraea longaeva£6.50

Giant Furcraea

Related to the Agave, and with a similar habit (though less spiny!), this much sought after plant grows for several (many) years before producing a giant flower spike up to 40 foot tall.

Lobelia tupa

Lobelia tupa£6.50

Large perennial with greyish felty leaves and spikes of tubular brick red flowers on red stems from mid-late summer. Hardy in a sheltered site, in moisture retentive soil and a winter mulch.


Lycianthes (Solanum) rantonnetii 'Album'£6.50

The rare white form of S. rantonettii. Makes an arching shrub, needing support against a wall, for a cool conservatory or sheltered city garden. Long flowering. Can be pruned hard in spring.


Metrosideros robusta aureovariegata£7.50

Tender evergreen shrub from New Zealand with yellow and green variegated leaves bright red long-stamened flowers in summer, similar to the Bottlebrush. Needs a very warm sheltered garden or move under glass for winter

Mitraria coccinea 'Clark's Form'

Mitraria coccinea 'Clark's Form'£6.50

Mitre flower

(Or 'Lago Puyehue'?) A larger flowered form of this half hardy, semi trailing evergreen shrub. In late spring and early summer it produces long orange-red tubular flowers.

Pelargonium 'Clorinda'

Pelargonium 'Clorinda'£6.50

A vigorous, scented leaved, scrambling variety with bright pink, flowers from spring-autumn. Makes a great specimen for a pot getting to around 1m high in a couple of seasons

Phlebodium aureum areolatum

Phlebodium aureum areolatum£7.50

Blue Bearís Paw

A striking indoor fern with large, coarsely cut glaucous bluish grey fronds.

Rosa  'Climbing Columbia'

Rosa 'Climbing Columbia'£6.50


A lovely rose for a cool conservatory - the pink flowers are strongly scented and appear over a long period from mid-summer to early winter.

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