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We are still moving our nursery, but we are still open most days, if you are local and see the gate open, please do pop in! If you are coming any distance or are interested in specific plants or have a plant list please ring us on 07890 527744 or email before visiting to check availability and to make sure we're around and available to help you.  Our exotic plants and shrubs are currently not available to browse, but we are happy to get plants together with prior notice for you to view at the nursery.  

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Conservatory and Sunroom Plants

We probably use the term Conservatory Plants a bit too freely – after all, plants were around long before conservatories, and with a bit of ingenuity, it is amazing the number of ‘conservatory’ plants you can grow - without a conservatory! A sun-lounge, porch or gently heated greenhouse will be appreciated by many medium-sized plants and some smaller plants can be accommodated on a windowsill.

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Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross'

Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross'£7.00

An evergreen shrub with masses of small lantern-shaped pink flowers with intricate red markings. Good for frost free gardens in the UK.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera£6.50

Burn Plant, Medicine Plant

This popular succulent is very useful to have around the home. The fleshy interior of the leaves can soothe and help heal minor skin ailments and burns. Works superbly to alleviate pain from stinging nettles. Spikes of yellow flowers appear in summer

Anredera cordifolia

Anredera cordifolia£6.50

Madeira Vine

A twining climber growing from underground tubers, producing masses of fresh green foliage and clusters of small white scented flowers in summer.

Asclepias curassavica

Asclepias curassavica£6.50

Blood Flower

Tender, evergreen sub shrub with bright red and orange flowers, summer to autumn. Attracts bees & butterflies.


Asclepias curassavica Silky Red£6.50

Probably a variety of A. curassavica. An upright tender perennial with masses of red flowers over a long period in summer.

Asparagus asparagoides

Asparagus asparagoides£7.00

Smilax, Bridal Creeper

An unusual climber from South Africa with large 'leaves' creating a mass of fresh green foliage. Climbs or trails equally well.

Asparagus falcatus

Asparagus falcatus£8.00

Sickle Thorn

Vigorous evergreen climber for a conservatory with spiny stems clothed with large flat leaves.


Barleria obtusa£6.50

A spreading plant for a conservatory, frost free garden or a tropical bedding scheme with blue flowers throughout the year but mainly in the autumn.

Begonia scented - white

Begonia scented - white£6.50

A vigorous variety making a large trailing plant with masses of beatifully scented double white flowers all summer.

Billbergia nutans var. shimperiana

Billbergia nutans var. shimperiana£6.50

Queen's Tears

A narrow-leaved form of this easy to grow bromeliad with funnel-shaped leaves which hold water and exotic, red and blue pendant flowers on long stems in mid-summer.

Billbergia x windii

Billbergia x windii£7.50

Queen's Tears

A hybrid between nutans and decora, with the hardiness of the former and the larger and longer flowers of the latter. Because the flowers hang down it makes a good plant for a shallow hanging pot or basket.

Brugmansia arborea

Brugmansia arborea£6.50

Angel’s Trumpet A frost-tender deciduous shrub with large, pendulous, night-scented white trumpets in summer. Fantastic for bedding out or growing in pots on the Patio. Needs frost protection in winter
Callistemon 'Perth Pink'

Callistemon 'Perth Pink'£7.50


Evergreen shrub from Australia with bright pink bottlebrush flowers in spring and autumn. For a sheltered, frost free garden or a cool conservatory.


Canna 'Cannova'£5.00

Indian Shot

Compact long-flowering Canna with bright red, orange or yellow flowers all summer, for pots & tropical bedding schemes. Rich moist, well drained soil in full sun.


Canna musifolia 'Grande'£8.00

Banana-leaved Canna

A fantastic jungly plant (musifolia = banana leaves!) with large green leaves with red-tinged margins & central rib. Good moist soil in sun, best bedded out for the summer.

Chlorophytum   'Bonnie'

Chlorophytum 'Bonnie'£6.00

Curly Spider Plant

A more compact version of the Spider Plant with curly variegated foliage. Ideal for a trailing plant in a tight spot.

Cissus striata

Cissus striata£6.50

Ivy of Uruguay

A slightly tender evergreen climber with palmate leaves and red stems. Small green flowers in summer are followed by ornamental black berries. Ideal for covering a wall in a conservatory or a sheltered spot outdoors. Can also be used as a trailing houseplant if kept in a smallish pot

Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca

Coronilla valentina subsp. glauca£7.00

A lovely evergreen shrub in the pea family for a sheltered spot, with sweetly scented bright yellow flowers in late summer and late winter. Grows to around 1 metre.

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Page 1 of 5:    75 Items