Plant availability

Plant availability can be tricky to manage at times, with plants being living, perishable and therefore occasionally dying items. Stock control is something most nurserymen aspire to excel at, but very often we fail to live up to our expectations. Plants are not like widgets which can be re ordered in neat little boxes to be placed on shelves without any attention until they are needed. I often get asked when i will 'get such and such plant in', and I have to politely explain that for the most part plants don't come IN to the nursery (other than as stock plants) they are produced ON the nursery, and are affected by all the vagaries of the weather, and there being enough hours in the day. 

On the website I tend to leave visible those plants which I think will be available in the next few weeks, and sometimes enable these to be pre-ordered when I'm confident that they will be available.  While possibly being a bit annoying to see the stock level at zero, at least you can see what we are likely to have and you can enquire as to their progress from cutting to saleable plants. 

If there are plants which are not likely to appear on the website you can order offline, i can either send you a secure card payment link via Square, or you can pay by bank transfer or PayPal or even cheque. 

Site map

Check this out, this is basically a list of links to all of the pages on our website including all visible plants (whether available or not, see above) you will see at a glance the plants we have or will hopefully have during the coming year. 

PDF Catalogue

A basic printable PDF catalogue for easy browsing. This reflects the plants that we hope to have for sale during 2024

RHS Plant Finder

If you have come to us via the RHS Plant Finder please bear in mind that we submit a list during the previous December of the plants we hope have in 2024. We may have stock failures,often weather related, or we simply run out. As previously mentioned we can seldom 'order more in', we just have to patiently wait until our home propagated plants are ready, which may take weeks. I often have to explain this when asked why a certain plant which we stock, according to the Plant Finder,  is unavailable. The RHS do an excellent job collating many thousands of plants from hundreds of nurseries but at present we are unable to amend our list throughout the year.