** Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022 Bank Holiday - Mail Order Deliveries **

Due to the first week in June being a 3 day working week we are planning to suspend dispatching plants during that week. We will do our best to get any existing orders sent this coming week (commencing 23rd MAY).  Orders received after 20th May could be subject to delay as our courier is expecting the following week (commencing 6th June) to be very busy.

If your order is urgent please let us know and we will see what we can do.

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Featured Plants
20% off 6 or more
Anredera cordifolia

Anredera cordifolia£6.50

Madeira Vine

A twining climber growing from underground tubers, producing masses of fresh green foliage and clusters of small white scented flowers in summer.

20% off 6 or more
Mimulus aurantiacus

Mimulus aurantiacus£5.00

Orange Bush Monkey Flower

Half-hardy shrub sporting masses of beautiful large orange flowers all summer. For sun and well drained soil and is ideal in a container.

20% off 6 or more
Pelargonium 'Frank Headley'

Pelargonium 'Frank Headley'£6.50

Variegated variety with salmon-pink flowers in summer. Lovely in a large pot.

20% off 6 or more
Plumbago auriculata 'Crystal Waters'

Plumbago auriculata 'Crystal Waters'£6.50

Cape leadwort

A scrambling, bushy climber for a conservatory or frost free garden with beautiful blue flowers in summer - a slightly deeper shade than the species.

20% off 6 or more
Ruellia macrantha

Ruellia macrantha£6.50

Christmas Pride

Spectacular tender shrub with large pink trumpets from autumn-winter. Feed monthly in growing season.

20% off 6 or more
Ruellia tweediana

Ruellia tweediana£6.50

Mexican Petunia

Related to the Acanthus, rather then the Petunia, this is a vigorous spreading suckering perennial with large blue flowers over a long period.

Sollya heterophylla

Sollya heterophylla£6.50

Bluebell CreeperTwining climber from western Australia with masses of small bell-shaped blue flowers in summer. Hardy in a mild, sheltered spot.
20% off 6 or more
Sparrmannia africana

Sparrmannia africana£6.50

African Hemp

Jungly evergreen shrub with large, bright green palmate leaves and white flowers in spring-early summer with orange stamens which move when tickled. Frost tender