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We are still moving our nursery, but we are still open most days, if you are local and see the gate open, please do pop in! If you are coming any distance or are interested in specific plants or have a plant list please ring us on 07890 527744 or email before visiting to check availability and to make sure we're around and available to help you.  Our exotic plants and shrubs are currently not available to browse, but we are happy to get plants together with prior notice for you to view at the nursery.  

We are still processing mail orders as normal, with delivery within 14 working days. Orders over £25 to postcodes IP1 to IP8 and CO10 (Sudbury, Hadleigh and Ipswich areas) are eligible for our Free Local Delivery service. There is no minimum charge for Click and Collect.

Indoor Trailing Plants

Trailing houseplants have regained popularity in recent years and rightly so. It can be very calming sharing space with a living thing and watching it grow. Many people think they need lots of windowsill space to grow housplants but you don't! Many plants are quite happy just with reasonable light so somewhere nearby a window is fine. Hanging or trailing plants can be accommodated in a small area on a shelf or dedicated plant hanger suspended from the ceiling.

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Chlorophytum   'Bonnie'

Chlorophytum 'Bonnie'£6.00

Curly Spider Plant

A more compact version of the Spider Plant with curly variegated foliage. Ideal for a trailing plant in a tight spot.

Cissus striata

Cissus striata£6.50

Ivy of Uruguay

A slightly tender evergreen climber with palmate leaves and red stems. Small green flowers in summer are followed by ornamental black berries. Ideal for covering a wall in a conservatory or a sheltered spot outdoors. Can also be used as a trailing houseplant if kept in a smallish pot

Epiphyllum  'Red'

Epiphyllum 'Red'£6.50

Orchid Cactus

Varietal name unknown. This vigorous plant produces beautiful deep red flowers on spiny trailing stems.

Muehlenbeckia complexa

Muehlenbeckia complexa£8.50

Mattress Vine

Rampant climber with small rounded leaves and small green flowers in summer. Can also be used as ground cover.

Muehlenbeckia complexa var. trilobata

Muehlenbeckia complexa var. trilobata£6.50

Fiddle Leaved Mattress Vine

This variety has the usual tangled mass of wiry stems, with curious fiddle-shapeed leaves.

Pelargonium 'Jackie'

Pelargonium 'Jackie'£6.50

Trailing cultivar with beautiful, fully double, rose-pink flowers in summer.

Plectranthus ciliatus

Plectranthus ciliatus£6.50

A spreading tender perennial with green leaves with deep red coloration on the underside. Makes a nice windowsill plant.

Stenotaphrum secundatum variegatum

Stenotaphrum secundatum variegatum£6.00

Buffalo Grass, St Augustine Grass

Tender, evergreen grass with a prostrate habit and green leaves with a yellow margin. Ideal for a hanging basket or container, or ground cover for beds in a conservatory

Tradescantia pallida

Tradescantia pallida£6.50

Purple-heart spiderwort

The green leaved form of T. pallida 'Purpurea', not often offered for sale and a nice contrast.

Tradescantia sillamontana

Tradescantia sillamontana£6.50

A trailing house plant, ideal for a basket or pot, with grey hairy leaves, and small pink flowers.

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Page 1 of 1:    10 Items