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Houseplants breathe life and style into a room, increase the feeling of well-being and help to purify the air. We have grown indoor plants since we started our Nursery in 1999 so if you are looking for a great range of interesting, unusual or maybe just good old-fashioned houseplants then you're in the right place!

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Aloe aristata

Aloe aristata£6.50

Lace Aloe

(Previously Aloe aristata.)

A fairly hardy quick growing succulent with neat rosettes of green leaves with soft white spines. Spikes of pink flowers in spring.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera£6.50

Burn Plant, Medicine Plant

This popular succulent is very useful to have around the home. The fleshy interior of the leaves can soothe and help heal minor skin ailments and burns. Works superbly to alleviate pain from stinging nettles. Spikes of yellow flowers appear in summer

Asparagus falcatus

Asparagus falcatus£8.00

Sickle Thorn

Vigorous evergreen climber for a conservatory with spiny stems clothed with large flat leaves.

Billbergia nutans var. shimperiana

Billbergia nutans var. shimperiana£6.50

Queen's Tears

A narrow-leaved form of this easy to grow bromeliad with funnel-shaped leaves which hold water and exotic, red and blue pendant flowers on long stems in mid-summer.

Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark'

Bulbine frutescens 'Hallmark'£6.50

Stalked Bulbine

An orange flowered selection of the yellow flowered species. Spreading clumps of narrow fleshy leaves topped with spikes of small orange flowers in spring and summer. Hardy in mild gardens.

Chlorophytum   'Bonnie'

Chlorophytum 'Bonnie'£6.50

Curly Spider Plant

A more compact version of the Spider Plant with curly variegated foliage. Ideal for a trailing plant in a tight spot.

Crassula  ovata 'Gollum Variegated'

Crassula ovata 'Gollum Variegated'£6.50

Jade Plant, Money Plant

A distinctive dwarf hybrid with curious elongated leaves terminating in a shallow depression. The leaves are variegated green and yellow and take on a reddish tinge in cold weather.

Crassula  ovata 'Gollum'

Crassula ovata 'Gollum'£6.50

Jade Plant, Money Plant

A distinctive dwarf hybrid with curious elongated leaves terminating in a shallow depression. The leaves take on a reddish tinge in cold weather.

Crassula atropurpurea var. arborescens

Crassula atropurpurea var. arborescens£8.50

Silver Jade Plant

A shrubby succulent with glossy grey leaves on thick succulent stems. Small pink-white flowers may appear from autumn to winter on large plants.


Crassula ovata£6.50

Jade Tree, Money Plant

(C. portulacea.) Popular succulent with rounded green leaves with a red edge. After a cool rest in winter, plants may produce masses of small white flowers.

Crassula perfoliata v. heterotricha

Crassula perfoliata v. heterotricha£6.50

Name uncertain but bought as this. A vigourous growing succulent with densely packed leaves on long stems. These tend to flop, making it ideal for a wide shallow bowl, or for bedding out in the summer.

Crassula species

Crassula species£6.50

Yet to be identified, this vigourous spreading succulent sports tight clusters of red-edged green leaves. Great for a shallow bowl, or even planted out in a sunny border for the summer


Cycas revoluta£8.50


An ancient palm-like plant which dates back to the dinosaur era. Makes an eye-catching specimen plant for a tub indoors, eventually forming a thick trunk and growing to around 2m but can be kept more compact by keeping in a moderate sized pot.


Cyperus  'Zumila'

Cyperus 'Zumila'£7.50

Dwarf Pot Sedge, Cat Grass

A miniature sedge, with bright green leaves topped by the typical umbrella arrangement of flowers. A nice little plant for a cool windowsill.

Drimiopsis maculata

Drimiopsis maculata£6.50

Little White Soldiers, African False Hosta

A curious little bulbous plant with fleshy, spotted, hosta-like leaves and spikles of small white flowers in April to May.

Echeveria  'Violet Queen'

Echeveria 'Violet Queen'£7.50

Tidy rosettes of blue leaves with a pinky violet tinge. Makes effective ground cover either in a summer bedding scheme, or in a conservatory.

Gasteria  'Smokey'

Gasteria 'Smokey'£6.50

A beautiful little succulent producing fanned rosettes of chunky smokey grey-green leaves. Great for a sunny windowsill

Gasteria bicolor

Gasteria bicolor£6.50

Name uncertain, thsi may be a variety of bicolor. This makes pleasing clumps of fleshy green leaves, spotted and striped with paler green, ideal for a shallow pot or bowl.
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Page 1 of 3:    45 Items