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Houseplants breathe life and style into a room, increase the feeling of wellbeing and help to purify the air. We have grown indoor plants since we started our Nursery in 1999 so if you are looking for a great range of interesting, unusual or maybe just good old-fashioned houseplants then you're in the right place!

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Aloe vera

Aloe vera£6.50

Burn Plant, Medicine Plant

This popular succulent is very useful to have around the home. The fleshy interior of the leaves can soothe and help heal minor skin ailments and burns. Works superbly to alleviate pain from stinging nettles. Spikes of yellow flowers appear in summer

Asparagus falcatus

Asparagus falcatus£8.00

Sickle Thorn

Vigorous evergreen climber for a conservatory with spiny stems clothed with large flat leaves.

Cissus striata

Cissus striata£6.50

Ivy of Uruguay

A tender evergreen climber with palmate leaves and red stems. Small green flowers in summer are followed by ornamental black berries. Ideal for covering a wall in a conservatory or lean-to greenhouse. Can also be used as a trailing houseplant if kept in a small pot

Epiphyllum 'Red Tip' - unrooted cuttings

Epiphyllum 'Red Tip' - unrooted cuttings£7.00

Orchid Cactus

Epiphytic (tree-dwelling) cactus with trailing stems with reddish tips. Spectacular pink or red flowers in spring or summer.

4 x 6" (15 cm) unrooted cuttings.

Kalanchoe rauhii

Kalanchoe rauhii£7.00

A cross between Kalanchoe rosei subsp. variifolia and K. delagoensis (tubiflora) delagoensis. Upright stems are clothed with serrated fleshy leaves, each producing plantlets along the edges. Umbels of nodding salmon flowers, probably in spring.

Pelargonium 'Clorinda'

Pelargonium 'Clorinda'£6.50

A vigorous, scented leaved, scrambling variety with bright pink, flowers from spring-autumn. Makes a great specimen for a pot getting to around 1m high in a couple of seasons

Phlebodium aureum areolatum

Phlebodium aureum areolatum£7.50

Blue Bearís Paw

A striking indoor fern with large, coarsely cut glaucous bluish grey fronds.

Senecio kleiniiformis

Senecio kleiniiformis£6.50

Spearhead Senecio

A low growing succulent from South Africa with glaucous spear shaped leaves and yellow daisy flowers on long stems in summer.

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Page 1 of 1:    8 Items