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August Deliveries

There may be some delays in deliveries during August due to hot weather etc. but please order as normal and we will give you a likely delivery date, and hopefully get your plants to you as quickly as we can. If you can come and collect it saves you the delivery charge PLUS we will refund you 10% off when you visit.

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Vegetable & Herb Seeds

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Alpine Strawberry Seeds

Alpine Strawberry Seeds£1.60   £0.80

200 seeds approx

Wild strawberry producing masses of small but delicious fruit over a very long period in summer. Eat raw or use in cooking. Tolerates some shade, but fruits better in sun and moisture retentive soil.

Basil British - Seeds

Basil British - Seeds£1.60   £0.80

200 seeds approx

More resistant to cooler British weather conditions. Same flavour as classic Basil

Beetroot  Wodan F1 - Seeds

Beetroot Wodan F1 - Seeds£1.90   £0.95

200 seeds approx

This variety can be left to mature to a larger size with a much lower chance of becoming woody than other varieties. Can also be harvested early as baby beets. Produces medium to large rounded roots.

Borecole Black Tuscany - seeds

Borecole Black Tuscany - seeds£1.75   £0.88

400 seeds approx

(Nero di Toscana) A hardy winter vegetable with dark green crinkled leaves which can be steamed gently or used in soups and stews. Can also be used in spring as baby leaf.

Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia Seeds

Broad Bean Aquadulce Claudia Seeds£1.90   £0.95

45 seeds approx

An excellent variety for autumn or spring sowing. Produces long pods of beans with a good flavour.

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green - Seeds

Broad Bean Masterpiece Green - Seeds£2.10   £1.05

100 seeds approx

Early cropping and reliable variety with long green pods with an excellent flavour. Beans freeze well

Broccoli - Purple Sprouting Seeds

Broccoli - Purple Sprouting Seeds£1.50   £0.75

750 seeds approx

Early purple variety maturing in March- May next year. When harvesting, pick the spears regularly to promote more shoots.

Brokali Atlantis Seeds

Brokali Atlantis Seeds£2.50   £1.25

35 seeds approx

A great alternative to sprouting broccoli as it crops in the same season. A nutricious and tasty vegetable that is perfect steamed or stir-fried. Is in fact a cross between sprouting Broccoli and Kale

Butternut Squash Hunter F1 - Seeds

Butternut Squash Hunter F1 - Seeds£2.00   £1.00

12 seeds approx

An early cropping variety bred to grow better in the cooler British climate. Heavy cropping with a lovely sweet falvour and bright orange flesh

Cabbage Savoy Resolution F1 Seeds

Cabbage Savoy Resolution F1 Seeds£2.40   £1.20

75 seeds approx

A dark green winter cabbage with deeply textured leaves and a robust flavor. Can be gently braised, fried in butter or whole leaves can be stuffed and rolled. Goes very well with Pork.

Calendula officinalis Seeds

Calendula officinalis Seeds£1.60   £0.80

100 seeds approx

A traditional hardy annual with orange-yellow daisies in summer.   


Carrot Early Nantes - Seeds

Carrot Early Nantes - Seeds£1.40   £0.70

2000 seeds approx

An early variety that can be sown from February (under protection) through until July. A superb flavour and a firm favourite.  Suitable for growing in bags or where space is limited. 

Carrot Katrin Seeds

Carrot Katrin Seeds£1.30   £0.65

3000 seeds approx

Chantenay Carrot producing shortened roots which are ideal for raised beds or containers. particularly sweet when harvested as baby carrots. Good bolt resistance

Carrot Mixed Colour - Seeds

Carrot Mixed Colour - Seeds£2.50   £1.25

500 seeds approx

A mixture of purple, orange and yellow carrots (Rainbow, Red Samurai and Purple Haze) These will make a very colourful addition to a salad or homemade coleslaw.    


Cauliflower Igloo - Seeds

Cauliflower Igloo - Seeds£1.75   £0.88

70 seeds approx

An early variety with clean, white heads. Specially bred for close planting to produce mini-cauliflowers or at wider spacing for larger heads.

Celeriac Prinz - Seeds

Celeriac Prinz - Seeds£1.75   £0.88

35 seeds approx

An excellent bolt resistance variety. Good for early production, under protection or outside. Light skinned. Ideal for fresh salads.

Chard - Rainbow Seeds

Chard - Rainbow Seeds£1.75   £0.88

125 seeds approx

Colourful vegetable related to Beetroot with multicoloured stems which can be blanched, sauteed or stir-fried. Don't over cook or they will loose their colour and flavour. Excellent with Goats Cheese or Crème Fraiche.

Chives - Seeds

Chives - Seeds£1.50   £0.75

300 seeds approx

A very popular and versatile perennial herb with mild, onion-tasting leaves which are great for garnishing or flavouring dishes. Rounded umbels of purple flowers appear in summer which are very attractive too. They can also be added to salads either whole or pick the petals and sprinkle over the top. Grow in free draining soil in full sun. Good for a pot.

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Page 1 of 5:    75 Items