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Indoor Ferns

Indoor ferns are great for those shadier spots indoors where you may have trouble keeping other houseplants happy. Ferns are one of the most ancient types of plants and have evolved over eons to grow under the dense canopies of trees on forest floors in a range of climates cross the world. So a corner of a room away from windows or a north facing room or a bathroom with frosted glass suits them down to the ground.

The main two things indoor ferns like is a relatively humid atmosphere and to be kept evenly moist, not allowed to become too wet or too dry. They do not like being grown close to radiators or underfloor heating but then most plants don't. If the tips of the fronds go brown you know the air is too dry so either mist daily with a water spray or move to a kitchen or bathroom where it should be a little more humid.   

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Asplenium bulbiferum

Asplenium bulbiferum£6.50

Hen and Chicken Fern, Mother Spleenwort

A lovely houseplant fern which produces baby ferns atop mature fronds.

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Humata tyermannii

Humata tyermannii£6.00

Bear's Foot Fern

A fascinating evergreen fern from China with curious, hairy-looking rhizomes on the surface, giving rise to the common name. Best grown as a houseplant.

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Microsorum diversifolium

Microsorum diversifolium£6.50

Kangaroo Fern

A tender fern from rainforests in Australia, likes a shallow root run and humid atmosphere - grows best surrounded by other plants. Looks good in a large hanging basket or shallow pot, where the rhizomes will creep over the edge.

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Phlebodium aureum areolatum

Phlebodium aureum areolatum£6.50

Blue Bearís Paw

A striking indoor fern with large, coarsely cut glaucous bluish grey fronds.

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Pteris cretica var. albolineata

Pteris cretica var. albolineata£6.50

Cretan Brake, Table Fern

A colourful indoor fern with green and white fronds. Ideal for any room in the house providing it doesn't get strong direct sun.

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Pteris ensiformis 'Evergemiensis'

Pteris ensiformis 'Evergemiensis'£6.50

Sword Brake

A lovely little indoor fern, slow growing with narrow fronds with an attractive green-white variegation.


Pteris tremula£6.50

Trembling Fern, Australian Brake

A fast-growing fern with finely-cut fronds - would look good in a container in a shady conservatory, and can be placed outdoors for the summer months.

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