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August Deliveries

There may be some delays in deliveries during August due to hot weather etc. but please order as normal and we will give you a likely delivery date, and hopefully get your plants to you as quickly as we can. If you can come and collect it saves you the delivery charge PLUS we will refund you 10% off when you visit.

20% off Hardy Shrubs
20% off Exotic, half-hardy plants and succulents

Flower Seeds

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Amaranthus caudatus seeds

Amaranthus caudatus seeds£1.70   £0.85

2200 seeds approx

A striking annual growing to 2 or 3 feet with long deep red flower tassels. For pots or sunny exotic borders.

Calendula Art Shades Seeds

Calendula Art Shades Seeds£1.50   £0.75

200 seeds approx

The old fashioned English marigold. Double daisies in a mixture of orange and apricot shades.  Hardy Annual


Calendula officinalis Seeds

Calendula officinalis Seeds£1.60   £0.80

100 seeds approx

A traditional hardy annual with orange-yellow daisies in summer.   


Calendula Oopsy Daisy Seeds

Calendula Oopsy Daisy Seeds£1.85   £0.93

100 seeds approx

Old fashioned English marigold. Single bi-coloured daisies, orange with a lemon centre. Compact variety growing to about 20cm. Hardy Annual


Cosmos Purity Seeds

Cosmos Purity Seeds£2.20   £1.10

100 seeds approx

Lovely tall annual, growing to around 90cm, with fine feathery foliage topped by white daisies with frilly petals in summer. Loved by Bees and Butterflies.

Cosmos Sensation Mixed Seeds

Cosmos Sensation Mixed Seeds£1.95   £0.98

200 seeds approx

Lovely tall annual, growing to around 90cm, with fine feathery foliage topped by pink or white daisies with frilly petals in summer. 

Dahlia 'Bishop's Children seeds

Dahlia 'Bishop's Children seeds£2.60   £1.30

100 seeds approx

A variety of medium height with dark foliage and a range of vivid flower colours.


Ipomoea (Mina) lobata Seeds

Ipomoea (Mina) lobata Seeds£1.95   £0.98

20 seeds approx

A beautiful annual climber with tubular flowers which start a deep fiery red and then fade through orange and yellow to pale cream. The deeply lobed leaves add to the exotic effect. 


Nasturtium Climbing Mix Seeds

Nasturtium Climbing Mix Seeds£1.50   £0.75

40 seeds approx

Tall annual quick growing climber with single flowers in mixed shades of yellow, orange or red. Ideal for growing up an obelisk or leave to spread to cover the ground. 

Rudbeckia 'Marmalade' seeds

Rudbeckia 'Marmalade' seeds£1.90   £0.95

450 seeds approx

Hardy Annual for a sunny border with large bright yellow flowers in summer and autumn.


Sunflower 'Red Sun' seeds

Sunflower 'Red Sun' seeds£1.85   £0.93

25 seeds

Long flowering Sunflower with velvety deep red flowers on sturdy stems to 1.6m in mid to late summer. Hardy Annual

Sunflower Buttercream F1- Seeds

Sunflower Buttercream F1- Seeds£1.95   £0.98

25 seeds

Long flowering Sunflower with soft buttercream-yellow flowers on sturdy stems to 1.6m in mid to late summer. Hardy Annual

Sunflower Giant Yellow Single - Seeds

Sunflower Giant Yellow Single - Seeds£1.35   £0.68

50 seeds

Hardy Annual. The traditional very tall (to 10 feet!) Sunflower. Ideal for children to grow, watch and measure.

Thunbergia alata Seeds

Thunbergia alata Seeds£1.65   £0.83

30 seeds approx

Vigorous, twining, annual climber with yellow, orange or white trumpet shaped flowers with a black eye throughout summer. It can also be allowed to trail from hanging baskets.

Wildflower Mix Butterflies & Bees Seeds

Wildflower Mix Butterflies & Bees Seeds£3.95   £1.98

seeds approx

A mixture of British native wildflowers and grasses that will attract Bees, Butterflies and other beneficial insects in to your garden.  Set aside an area of your garden to dedicate to a wildlife area to grow these plants, separate from your more cultivated areas. 

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items