Brugmansia (Angels Trumpet) Care

Brugmansia (Angels Trumpet)

Brugmansias are tender shrubs originating from Brazil. They are valued for their huge trumpet shaped flowers that can be shades of white, yellow or pink. They can be grown outside in summer in the UK but will not withstand temperatures below 5°C so must be moved to a frost free location in winter such as a heated greenhouse or conservatory.

They are vigorous plants which require a large pot and plenty of water in summer. At the height of summer if you are needing to water the plant twice a day it may be necessary to stand the pot in a tray to act as a reservoir to ensure a good supply of water.

We recommend using a 50:50 mix of ordinary multipurpose compost and John Innes No. 3 to provide good water and nutrient retention. Feed fortnightly with a high potash feed such as Tomorite between late May and the end of August. Also every spring when you notice new growth starting to appear, top-dress with some fresh compost and slow release fertiliser granules.

Although evergreen in their native Brazil, in the UK they tend to drop most of their leaves in winter due to the reduced daylight hours. During this time the plant will demand much less water than in summer so water sparingly, just keeping the compost slightly damp.

Brugmansias contain atropine and are related to the Deadly Nightsahde plant and caution needs to be taken when handling the plant as all parts are toxic. Wash hands thoroughly after handling.