Cissus antarctica - Care Information

Cissus Antarctica -  Care Information

This can be grown as a climbing plant, for which it will need something for its tendrils to cling onto in the form of canes, trellis or wires fixed to a wall. Alternatively, it looks very attractive if allowed to trail from a hanging basket or pot on a balcony.

It is a very tolerant plant, preferring cool temperatures and shade from hot sun under glass. It grows rapidly so needs careful placing, but can be trimmed back at any time to keep within bounds. Use a 50:50 mix of John Innes no. 3 (soil-based) compost and peat/peat-free compost with some added grit, and pot up gradually until you reach the ideal pot size for the amount of growth required. Don’t pot straight into a large pot (see accompanying general instructions for conservatory plants).

It will need regular watering in the summer, less water in the winter when growth slows. The minimum temperature should not drop below plus 5 deg. C, though mature woody plants may tolerate slightly lower.

A balanced liquid feed during the summer months will keep your plant healthy.

Like many other plants in the vine family this is particularly susceptible to Vine Weevil. Grubs and adults can be controlled by use of nematodes, these can be applied to any other plants in pots which can also be affected.