Clerodendrum ugandense (Rotheca myricoides) Care

Care of Clerodendrum ugandense (Rotheca myricoides)

This long flowering shrub makes a great specimen plant for a pot in a greenhouse or conservatory. Like many conservatory plants it will appreciate if possible being placed outdoors for the summer, but needs to be brought indoors for the winter and kept at a minimum temperature of plus 5 degrees C. Older woodier plants will tolerate lower temperatures but should still be kept frost free.

Grow in loam based (John Innes No. 2 or 3) compost with added peat or peat-free compost and grit, in a well-lit position but protected from hot sun under glass in summer. Trim lightly after flowering, and remove any dead growth in spring.

This can potentially grow to 4 metres (12 feet) but will be much smaller in a pot, and will flower profusely as a small plant.

Use half strength tomato food when watering during the summer months – this will encourage flowering and promote strong sturdy growth.