Elettaria cardamomum

Currently being propagated, please ask as we may have some, or we can at least let you know when they will hopefully be available

This is the plant which the true Cardamom pods come from. The leaves are very aromatic too and exude the fragrance of cardamom when bruised. It makes an attractive houseplant or specimen for a conservatory in its own right. In summer water regularly and feed every month with a general purpose feed. Grow in a good loam based compost - John Ines No.3. This will retain the moisture better than peat based compost.

If you're hoping to harvest pods for cooking just be aware the UK climate is not ideal. You will need to grow this plant somewhere very warm and fairly humid to get it to flower (and in turn set the seed pods) Realistically you need a nice warm conservatory or greenhouse but with some shading to protect it from really hot sun. If you can't damp the floors down then stand some shallow bowls of water around to humidify the air. This plant comes from tropical Southern India so these are the conditions you want to try to replicate as best you can. If it does flower move it outside (providing it's not cold) so Bees and other insects can pollinate the flowers otherwise you may not get any seeds set. 

If this all seems too much effort then you can just enjoy the fragrance of cardamon as you brush the leaves your conservatory will smell very exotic!laugh


Common Name: Cardamom
Plant Family: Zingiberaceae
Plant Type: Tender Perennial
9 cm
Season of Interest
All year round
Sun or Shade
Part Shade
low (up to 3 feet)
Minimum temperature
very tender - minimum plus 10 to 15 deg. C.
Heated Conservatory, greenhouse or indoors
Planting Style
Herbal/ medicinal
Scented Leaves
Suggested Use
Growing in Pots
Flower Colour
Leaf Colour
Clump forming
Cooking Use
Flavouring soups/ stews/ sauces
Pot Sizes

Unless otherwise indicated our plants are supplied in the following pot sizes according to category. Dimensions refer to either the pot diameter (cm) or volume (litre);

  • Exotics/Conservatory & House Plants, Succulents: mostly as young plants in 7 to 9cm (approx. 0.5 litre)  or 1 litre pots
  • Hardy Perennials, Ferns and Grasses: 1 litre (approx. 12cm diameter)
  • Hardy Shrubs and Climbers: 1.5 or 2 litre 

The exact size of plants will vary with the growing season and may be cut back in accordance with normal pruning regimes or to fit in the box if they are excessively tall.

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