Epiphyllum Care

Epiphyllums are tropical tree-dwelling leaf cacti from South America. It makes a large plant, and when well grown will produce several flushes of often strongly scented flowers. These appear at night and wilt by the following morning.

These only need potting every 2 – 3 years, preferably after flowering. Use a well-drained compost such as Cactus Compost, and don’t use too big a pot – these plants grow better if slightly pot bound, and prefer a shallow pot. After potting water well then only water when the compost is starting to dry out. They like humid air so a kitchen or bathroom is a good location. They make rather gangly plants so need some support, e.g. a moss pole.

Water regularly, allowing the soil to dry slightly between watering during spring and summer. A dilute feed of Tomato food during the summer will encourage flowers.

During the winter keep the compost almost dry – this rest is reported to improve flowering. Keeping the plant cool, e.g. in an unheated spare bedroom, is supposed to help too.

Do not allow the soil to become soggy at any time.

Place in a well-lit spot away from hot sun – a north facing windowsill will do.

Although these plants will tolerate low temperatures, they will not withstand frost.