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Ficus pumila Care

Ficus pumila  Creeping Fig

A frost tender self-clinging evergreen plant, popular as an easy to grow house plant. Small oval green and white leaves on climbing shoots which cling tenaciously to a wall or other support, or can be encouraged to spread and trail if preferred. Mature plants produce non-climbing shoots with much larger narrower leaves and occasionally inedible purple fruit. Can be grown in a warm shady spot in good soil, in a sheltered garden where frosts are rare such as coastal or south western regions. Otherwise grow indoors. Can be clipped and trained over a wire frame into any desired shape. Eventual height 2 - 4 metres (6 - 12 feet), but it can be restricted by pruning and growing in a container.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN EDIBLE FIG. Foliage causes stomach upset if eaten, and fruits are poisonous. The leaves can also cause an allergic reaction, so wear gloves when pruning.