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Soft Fruit

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Alpine Strawberry Seeds

Alpine Strawberry Seeds£1.60

200 seeds approx

Wild strawberry producing masses of small but delicious fruit over a very long period in summer. Eat raw or use in cooking. Tolerates some shade, but fruits better in sun and moisture retentive soil.

Blackberry 'Merton Thornless'

Blackberry 'Merton Thornless'£7.50

Thornless variety with heavy crops of large fruits to 1 inch in length from August to Sept. Compact growth, good for small gardens.

Blackcurrant 'Ben Hope'

Blackcurrant 'Ben Hope'£7.50

Compact variety with heavy crops of large fruits in mid July. Good frost and disease resisitance. An established plant can yield up to 8lb (3.6kg) of fruit. Grow in any well drained soil (except deep chalk) in full sun.

Blueberry 'Blue Crop'

Blueberry 'Blue Crop'£8.50

A reliable variety of Blueberry with good yields over a long period, mainly in August, with a lovely sweet taste.

Gooseberry 'Xenia'

Gooseberry 'Xenia'£7.50

A superb modern desert variety with beautifully sweet red fruits which are ready by late June. This variety is much less spiny than most making harvesting easier. Very mildew resistant. Grow in moist, well drained soil in sun or part shade.



A cross between a Blackcurrant and a Gooseberry with the flavour of both. High in vitamins. Thornless branches make them more pleasant to handle than gooseberries too.



A thornless Raspberry/Blackberry hybrid with high yields of long dark red fruit with a sweet juicy flavour, a bit more tart than Raspberries in July and August. Train against a wall/fence/wires.

Pink Currant 'Gloire De Sablon'

Pink Currant 'Gloire De Sablon'£7.50

This pretty type of currant produces clusters of sweet, fragrant, pink fruits in late summer. Lovely for decorating deserts or making jams/ jellies. Grow in fertile well drained soil in full sun. Good disease resistance

Raspberry 'Malling Admiral'

Raspberry 'Malling Admiral'£10.00

An excellent mid-season variety producing large juicy fruits from late July-August


Raspberry 'Polka'

Raspberry 'Polka'£10.00

An early-autumn cropping variety with heavy crops of large juicy berries from August onwards. Firm fruits store better than many Raspberries


Red Currant 'Jonkheer Van Tets'

Red Currant 'Jonkheer Van Tets'£7.50

An early high-yielding variety giving masses of sweet fruit iin June/July. Likes well-drained soil - full sun gives best flavour

Rhubarb 'Timperley Early'

Rhubarb 'Timperley Early'£4.00

An early variety producing green-pink stems from February when forced or March unforce with a good balance of sweetness & acidity.

Strawberry 'Albion' - potted

Strawberry 'Albion' - potted£2.00  -  £12.00

Strawberry with sweet, conical red fruits from late May- Sept (earlier if grown in a heated greenhouse over winter). Grow in moist, well drained soil in full sun/part shade. Ideal for a container or the vegetable patch


Strawberry 'Cambridge Favorite' - potted

Strawberry 'Cambridge Favorite' - potted£2.00  -  £12.00

A superb variety with medium-sized fruits in mid season with a good old fashioned, proper strawberry flavour. Grow in moist but well drained soil in full sun. A hardy perennial which will spread by runners which can be transplanted.


Strawberry 'Hapil' - potted

Strawberry 'Hapil' - potted£2.00  -  £12.00

An early-mid season variety producing heavy crops of large berries with an excellent flavour.



A vigorous Raspberry/Blackberry hybrid with high yields of large long dark red fruit with a sweet juicy flavour in July/August.

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