Tender Ferns

Growing ferns indoors requires a bit of knowledge about their requirements. They prefer cool humid conditions so are ideal for a bathroom or kitchen, away from direct sunlight and heat sources such as radiators. They do like moist compost, but definitely not soggy, so grow in free-draining peat or peat-free compost, with added grit, or bark if you can get it. In other words, a moisture retentive but free draining mix. Never put straight into a large pot, many ferns prefer a shallow rather than a deep pot.  Pot up gradually to the next size (maximum 2 inches wider in diameter), and wait for the plant to make a full root-ball before potting on again. This may take months so don’t rush it. Always plant into a pot with drainage holes so you can allow any excess water to drain away if you do accidentally over water it. If desired this can then be stood in a more decorative outer pot with some pebbles in the bottom. Do not allow the compost to become either excessively wet or dry.